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Low Sugar No Sugar

The Low Sugar No Sugar motto is simple: remove the everyday excess sugar and enjoy the occasional sweetness in life.

“Quitting sugar” seems to be the diet du jour but what does it involve and do you need to do it?

Why is fructose such a hot topic at the moment?
How does fruit factor into a low-sugar diet?
How do you reduce or quit the amount of sugar in your diet?
Can you still eat dessert? How do you begin? 

Jess Lomas writes from experience after reducing her sugar intake and enjoying the benefits of a low-sugar lifestyle. She experienced weight loss, renewed clarity of mind, strengthened immunity and clearer skin, and she hasn’t looked back.

With increasing global rates of type 2 diabetes, rising figures of overweight and obesity, and chronic disease touching an alarming percentage of the population, now more than ever it’s important for individuals to invest in their health. 

Low Sugar No Sugar is your easy-to-follow wellbeing manual; setting you on the road to a low-sugar lifestyle where you can enjoy the sweetness life has to offer, with less sugar in it.

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