Supercharge Your Property Portfolio
September, 2018

Learn the key pillars and strategies to supercharge your property portfolio from Victor Kumar, the founder of Right Property Group. Victor’s multi-million dollar property portfolio speaks to the success of the investment information he shares in Supercharge Your Property Portfolio.

This book covers the essentials for buying property and investing in the property market; from the importance of goal setting before you begin, to how to pick the right area, the art of negotiation, using buyers agents, the biggest property investment mistakes you should avoid, key steps to renovation and property development, and Victor’s specific strategies for property investment that will see you building your own portfolio on solid foundations.

Victor Kumar migrated to Australia from Fiji with his wife in 1997, with some $4,500 to their names. A qualified radiographer and sonographer, Victor set about learning how money worked in Australia. He soon had a thriving property portfolio and in 2001 quit his job as a sonographer and started helping his clients invest safely and successfully in property. Having personally implemented most property strategies, apart from high rise and commercial development, Victor Kumar is a sought after property professional and is the founder of Right Property Group, a leading specialist property strategist and buyer’s agency. He is also the co-host of popular property podcast Investing Insights and also regularly contributes to many real estate columns. His experience with the substantial property portfolio he controls and the portfolios he has helped his clients create, from forklift drivers to CEOs, place him as one of the foremost and premier property professionals of Australia.