What Every Property Investor Needs To Know About Finance, Tax And the Law
December 1, 2017

With the property markets picking up more and more Australians are keen to secure their financial futures through real estate investing. However, this is not just another book on property investment. This is a must read for Australia’s 1.7 million property investors and anybody contemplating investing in property. It is a plain English guide to understanding ‘the system’ so readers get it working for them and not against them.

This book has been written for both the beginner and experienced investors. Together with bestselling author Michael Yardney, who is Australia’s leading expert in wealth creation through property, finance strategist Rolf Schaefer, property tax accountant and bestselling author Ed Chan and property lawyer Rob Balanda, share their decades of experience and explain how sophisticated investors know how to use ‘the system’ to their advantage. In plain English they explain how this small group of property investors achieve financial freedom and how readers can join their ranks. They clarify the requirements, benefits and limitations of our finance, tax and legal systems as they relate to property investment, allowing readers to have the system work for them, not against them.


Michael Yardney is a bestselling author, but he’s no theorist. He bought his first property close to 40 years ago when he was in his early 20s – without a deposit and not understanding the rules of the game. He then went on to build a multi-million dollar property portfolio in his spare time. Michael has probably educated more successful investors than anyone else in Australia and has been voted Australia’s leading property investment advisor.