Our Story

Wilkinson Publishing is a family-owned, independent publisher based in Melbourne, Australia.

We create engaging books that help our readers learn and grow better in their understanding of the world. Our books are informative and enjoyable, allowing our readers to escape into the words and images of each unique story.

We help our growing list of authors share their knowledge, expertise and stories with a global audience. Our digital marketing and sales team are supported by the sales and distribution teams at Woodslane in Australia and New Zealand; IPG in the United States and Canada, and Gazelle in the UK and Europe.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell. And in these constantly changing and challenging times, the team at Wilkinson Publishing will continue to deliver quality books to all our readers.

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Meet our team

Owner and Director

Michael Wilkinson

Passionate about books that educate, entertain, inspire and infuriate. Always has a love for the next book he’s about to read—he doesn’t have a favourite! 

Credits Margaret and Morry for letting him be himself and to take a risk especially when it came to books and publishing. Is the author of The Phar Lap Story, a book about the son of a bush booking and a young journo, which later became a feature film. 

Sales and Distribution Coordinator

Sue-Ann Miller

Unable to function without coffee. Has a whole room dedicated to her love of books and let’s not look on her kindle library! Favourite author is Sarah J Maas, she is her idol and and is counting down the days until her new book is released.

Loves talking to people and making connections with people who are passionate about books. too and get her hooked on a topic Iis known to be able to 'talk underwater'.

From owning her own business to assisting others to build theirs or singing the praises of our authors far and wide, she can often be found in her garden contemplating life’s pleasures.

Communications Manager

Cassie Chiong

Tea enthusiast who’s yet to have mastery over the reading and watching binge. Has a background in film and television production, goes hard on the letter-writing and has a soft spot for the city of Boston even though she's currently living in London.

With a full first name inspired by a Trojan priestess, it’s no surprise that she adores historical fiction and the classics, but don’t quote her on that because she ultimately loves character-driven pieces and books that can make her really think (or laugh, she’s not too picky).