Rob Hunter

On Rob Hunter’s ninth day of teaching at the age of 20, Edwin John Eastwood burst into his remote South Gippsland school of Wooreen and at gun point took Rob and his nine students hostage. The date was February 14, 1977. This incident has had a marked impact on Rob’s life. However, Rob continued teaching with the Education Department of Victoria until 2018. 

Rob is the founder and presenter of the seminar Kidnapped Teacher Talks: Health After Hurt.  In his seminar, Rob retells the story of the Wooreen State School kidnapping and the after affects. The presentation gives first hand insight into the trauma experienced by the victims, of heroism and bravery, along with the health and healing that is possible from such pain and torment.  In the school workshops, students are given practical tools to cope with their own hurts and traumas.

Rob is married to Judi and presently resides in Geelong, Victoria. They have four adult children.

Books by Rob Hunter

Day 9 at Wooreen
Day 9 at Wooreen