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Sarah Dudley

Since 2014, Sarah Dudley has been the covers editor of The Spectator Australia, the sister publication of the Spectator in the UK, the English-speaking world’s oldest continuously published magazine. She has a long career as a multi-award-winnng advertising writer and film director, winning major gold and silver awards nationally and internationally. She began her career in London’s top advertising agencies, before moving to Australia in the 1990s where she established herself as a pre-eminent writer. 

Switching to the medium of film, Sarah Dudley was awarded the Best Director of Australasia for her iconic and ground-breaking Napcan ‘Talking baby’ commercial, which spawned an entire industry of similar special effects TV ads. As well as creating and designing the covers for The Spectator Australia, Sarah has also written for the publication on a variety of issues. Her razor-sharp, targeted wit is equalled only by her ability with a sword on the fencing piste, having also won gold at the national foil team championships.

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