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Awesome Kids Family Calendar 2019

Anglicare Victoria










Awesome Kids Family Calendar 2019

Anglicare Victoria

The Awesome Kids Family Calendar showcases children’s creativity, giving children a voice on matters of importance. The first calendar was first created in 2011 when Frankston workers from Child First, Family Services and Communities for Children collaborated with families and children who wanted a better way to organise their days.

Over the last nine years children, schools and community organisations have identified a theme for the calendar through community consultation activities. The theme for 2019 is based on findings from the Polyglot Voice Lab, understanding children’s views and ideas on respectful relationships and bullying.

Children from 11 pre-schools, primary and special schools and the Koorie Kids Homework Club in Frankston participated in a series of creative workshops. Children were encouraged to draw images of what respectful relationships meant to them; how they made them feel and how to deal with disrespectful relationships.

Drawings were then collated into a monthly montage of the places they go to have fun with their friends, the beach and the park; and the importance of best friends and pets in their lives.

Each year children wait with great excitement to get their copy of the calendar at the launch event. Once received they spend time looking for their work and remembering the stories and conversations held in the workshop. Parents tell us how the children love to turn to a new month to see the pictures, and help with planning the weeks ahead with stickers, stars and reminders to ensure that every important event is listed.