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The Best of Irish Baking Cookbook

Caroline Gray










The Best of Irish Baking Cookbook

Caroline Gray

The sweet smells of freshly-baked breads, cakes and treats wafting from the kitchen are some of the most welcoming home comforts. Walk into any Irish household and you’ll be greeted with a cup of hot tea and a slice of something delicious. Now you can carry on the culture of Irish hospitality in your own home with these treasured and traditional recipes.

You’ll find much-loved recipes in this book, along with newer favourites that have become the stars of bake sales across the country. All the recipes have been adapted to include both metric and imperial measurements, and you’ll find suggested ingredient substitutions in case the ones listed are not available to you. Whether you’re tying up the apron strings for the first time or a seasoned baking pro, the concise guide to baking basics at the front of the book will come in handy; from conversion charts and a glossary of common terms to the ultimate tips for perfect baking, it’s guaranteed to help make your baking its very best.

Caroline Gray is the editor of Easy Food magazine, Ireland’s No 1 food publication. It has been the best-selling food magazine in Ireland for almost a decade and is the best-selling Irish monthly consumer magazine also, with a monthly circulation of 21,260 and a readership of over 100,000.