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The Best of The Spectator Australia

Rowan Dean










The Best of The Spectator Australia

Rowan Dean

A thoughtfully curated collection of articles from The Spectator Australia, spanning 2014-17 for only $39.99 including postage

The Spectator Australia is Australia’s leading conservative political and cultural magazine, and sister publication to the UK Spectator. Between 2014 and 2017 the magazine grew substantially in Australia, and the best content from those years is collected here for fans of the magazine, old and new.

Rowan Dean has compiled an impressive selection of articles that capture the unique flavour of the magazine and ones that also cover the major themes explored in its pages during an undeniably turbulent time for Australian culture and politics. Topical events are explored and covered, but so too are the bigger themes that often only appear to other observers and players much further down the track. For keen followers of Australian and indeed global politics, it may well come as a surprise to look at the date of many of these articles and realise just how perceptive and prescient many of the writers are – as well as influential at shaping mainstream opinion.

About the Editor: Rowan Dean is a regular political satirist with the Australian Financial Review, as well as a political columnist with other mainstream Australian newspapers. He is also the Editor of The Spectator Australia, the Australian arm of the English language’s oldest continually published political and cultural magazine. As well as writing, Rowan is a popular TV guest on Sky News and the ABC where his unflinching mixture of humour and hard-core political insights is valued on programs as diverse as The Bolt Report, Paul Murray Live, Viewpoint, Jones & Co., The Drum, and of course the ABC’s Q&A.