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Entrepreneurs, Mavericks and Empire Builders

Michael Jacobsen










Entrepreneurs, Mavericks and Empire Builders

Michael Jacobsen

Entrepreneurs, Mavericks and Empire Builders examines what makes some of the world’s leading innovators who they are. Through insightful one-on-one interviews, Michael Jacobsen takes readers on a journey deep into their minds, which showcases a unique perspective of the rarely seen heart and soul of over 20 of the world’s leading innovators.

The book examines the psychology of prolific empire builders including billionaire Gerry Harvey; former Hoyts Cinema boss Peter Ivany; Seafolly founder Anthony Halas; Mavericks including pop culture icons Jimmy Barnes AO; Lee Kernaghan OAM; Lord Jeffrey Archer and Bonnie Lythgoe; and leading global figures in entrepreurialism including the European Investment Bank Vice President Vazil Hudak; Venture capitalist Saul Klein MBE; and private equity figure and former partner of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin, Toby Coppel.

In a changing world, one constant is that entrepreneurs and mavericks remain at the forefront of all empires, the lifeblood of a nation’s economy and the driver of growth at major corporations. This insightful, warm and compelling book is for anyone wanting to be inspired, to learn secrets of business success and to be entertained by the stories of those who have created their own life path and left their mark on the world.