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Finding New Meaning in Life

Marcia Griffin and Paul McQuillan










Finding New Meaning in Life

Marcia Griffin and Paul McQuillan

Finding New Meaning in Life is a world-first in that it bridges the gap between scientific and existential psychology and self-help literature. Life can be such an exciting and fulfilling journey. To ensure this we need to have some tools at hand to help us deal with daily challenges. Just as physical health requires that we eat well and exercise daily, even more importantly, good mental health requires that we have the tools to face up to life in a positive and realistic manner. Each of us has the resources to do this but we need to be reminded that we are in charge and we can take control of our lives.

This book is a compelling read and explains the very powerful teachings of Viktor Frankl, whose philosophy of logotherapy has impacted the lives of millions of people around the world. This is a life-changing book.


Marcia Griffin has been a French, History and English teacher before becoming a
corporate economist. She then took a big leap and risk and started a new business. She grew this business from start up to a multi-million dollar turnover throughout Australia and New Zealand with nearly 5,000 sales people.

Paul McQuillan is currently the Director of the Viktor Frankl Institute, Australia and Lifechange Therapies, and is a practising counsellor and therapist with Anglicare South Queensland.