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The Future for Our Kids

Phil Ruthven






Jan 18




The Future for Our Kids

Phil Ruthven

Living through the 21st century with the best yet to come

■ Plan for the future – for yourself and your children – with futurologist and strategist Phil Ruthven

■ Covers a wealth of issues facing the world today and in the future, including: population; health and longevity; ethnicity, religion and sexuality; changing traditions and lifestyles; war, terrorism and drugs; education and training; economic growth and standard of living; changing technology; work, superannuation and retirement; natural resources, ecology and climate change; and Australia’s role in the Asian region.

Most of us don’t often think about the future – but as Phil Ruthven shows us, it is an exciting place to consider.

The Future for Our Kids is for realists, optimists and pessimists who are open to argument. Covering the past, the present and the future, this book provides us with context and perspective as to how we got here, and where we are headed.

Ruthven doesn’t dodge the hard stuff. Wars, recessions and depressions, epidemics, drugs, droughts and other disasters are part of our history and probable future. Hopefully they won’t be as debilitating as they have been in the past – and he’ll explain why.

However, above all else, Ruthven shows us that the future is more predictable today than it’s ever been.