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The Good Investment Guide

Christopher Page and Alex Dunnin










The Good Investment Guide

Christopher Page and Alex Dunnin

The popularity of self-managed super funds (SMSFs) continues to grow with nearly one million Australians choosing to take control of their retirement future. From how to choose investment funds and managers to blending these in an overall portfolio, and from understanding fees and making sense of the jargon, this guide has it all to will get you started. Choosing the right investments are only possible when you have independent and easy-to-understand information. The Good Investment Guide puts you right in the driving seat on that journey.

Break free of the traditional group superannuation structure and familiarise yourself with the basics of building a long-term investment portfolio of Australian shares. Powered by SelectInvestments using research from Rainmaker Information – one of the most influential financial services research and publishing groups in Australia – this Good Investment Guide is designed to equip you with the essential information you need to start investing in managed funds.


Christopher Page is the founder and Managing Director of the Rainmaker Group of companies. The Rainmaker Group was founded in 1992 and has established a reputation as a leading financial services information company in Australia providing database services, consulting services, publishing and conferences. Prior to forming Rainmaker Group, Chris held a wide range of senior management roles with Investment Managers.

Alex Dunnin is the Executive Director of Research and Compliance at the Rainmaker Group, one of Australia’s leading financial services research and publications companies. He is the Group’s primary researcher, lead analyst and opinion writer. He is a contributing writer to the Financial Standard investment industry news magazine and daily email news service. Alex is also editor and creative leader of the SelectingSuper suite of media properties that include the website, mobile website, tablet app and guidebook.