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The Hand That Signed the Paper

Helen Dale










The Hand That Signed the Paper

Helen Dale

Previously out of print, new edition of the award winning novel 

As war crimes prosecutions seize Australia, Fiona Kovalenko discovers that her own family is implicated in the darkest events of the twentieth century. This is their story. 

First published under an assumed identity, The Hand that Signed the Paper remains one of the most celebrated and controversial books in recent Australian literature. With a new introduction by the author, it continues to raise urgent questions about history, responsibility and truth.

“Helen Dale’s The Hand that Signed the Paper is a winner of the highest literary awards. Like James Joyce’s Ulysess, George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Such writers and books do not always please all. Especially in times like these, it is important they be read and easily available. Wilkinson Publishing is pleased to publish Helen Dale. And with more than 25 years of publishing books we continue to back every book with a money back guarantee.” — Michael Wilkinson 

“Astonishingly talented ... with the true novelist’s gift of entering into the imagination of those she is writing about.” — David Marr

“This remarkable first novel casts a new perspective on war-time atrocities and is an eloquent statement on what constitutes humanity.” — Robin Lucas, The Bulletin

About the author

Helen Dale is a Queenslander by birth and a Londoner by choice. She read law at Oxford (where she was at Brasenose) and has previously worked as a lawyer, political staffer, and advertising copywriter (among other things). She became the youngest winner of Australia’s Miles Franklin Award with her first novel, The Hand that Signed the Paper, leaving the country shortly after it caused a storm of controversy.