Cathy Phelan
I'm Glad Bundle Deal
October 12, 2021

Special Price: $9.99 each or $24.99 for the bundle deal 

Teaching children about important concepts such as gratitude, kindness, and reflection is easy with the reader-friendly and interactive I’m Glad series! Establish good habits early in life by helping children to learn what it means to contemplate positive shared life experiences. These books are also a great way for kids to have fun and entertain themselves for busy Mums and Dads! Most importantly the I’m Glad series encourages children to be creative and contemplative, and they are a fun way to learn about who they are and the people closest to them, cementing their family memories forever.

I’m Glad I’m Me gives children the chance to reflect on what makes them special and loved by their friends and family and what they can share with them. The book asks the child to write, draw, colour and share what they’re good at, what makes them happy, things they do to help at school and home, what they can learn from their mistakes and much more.

I’m Glad You’re My Mum is a special book for children to celebrate their love for their mum and what makes her special to them. It invites children to draw, colour and write about how their mum makes them feel, the yummy food their mum cooks for them, the things they do together that makes them happy, their special memories and more.

I’m Glad You’re My Dad is a special book for children to celebrate their love for their dad and gives prompts and space for children to write, draw and colour about the things they do with their dad, the funny stories he tells, the adventures they go on together, the things he does to make them happy, their favourite day with him and much more.

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