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Knowledge Courage Leadership

Barry Jones










Knowledge Courage Leadership

Barry Jones

Knowledge Courage Leadership is a fascinating collection of insights from Barry Jones and includes new and updated reflections on the big issues and concerns locally, nationally and internationally.

From encounters with and thoughts on Australian leaders, to global warming and climate change, the Iraq War, and the abolition of the death penalty in Australia, this compelling read is written in Barry’s easy flowing and fact-based style.

Two major new chapters focus on Australia’s political health, revealing an idea he shared with Malcolm Fraser and the potential need for a new party, The Courage Party; and the relevance of the French Revolution in 2016 — why the dangers and opportunities of today parallel and amplify what happened in the years before and after the French Revolution of 200 years ago.

Understand more about the key immediate and long term issues and problems that face our world as Barry Jones delves deep into topics and questions we should all be aware of and asking.

Barry Jones is an international and Australian polymath, writer, lawyer, social activist, quiz champion, former politician and Minister for Science. He is the author of Dictionary of World Biography.