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Lizzy's Real Food Reset

Lizzy Marsh










Lizzy's Real Food Reset

Lizzy Marsh

Lizzy’s Real Food Reset is a collection of simple, delicious and beautifully photographed recipes that represent her philosophy around health, nutrition and vitality. She believes that food should be a positive and nourishing part of daily life and her approach is long term, sustainable and achievable without dietary restrictions or calorie counting.

Lizzy’s Real Food Reset is an easy to follow and effective template that can be used as a therapeutic approach for weight loss, illness prevention, and as a method to reduce cravings and dependence on poor quality, highly processed foods. Lizzy discusses the importance of managing stress and reducing inflammation, so that the body can rest, reset and repair.

Elizabeth Marsh is a qualified sports scientist and small business owner. She is
currently based in Melbourne, Australia and has worked in the fi tness industry
for the past 7 years with both recreational and elite level athletes. Lizzy’s goal is
to promote awareness of healthy living practices and to inspire individuals to take
control of their life through a holistic understanding of real food, movement,
stress management and adventure.