Mugshots 3
May 1, 2018

Thrilling collection of true crime from one of the top crime writers in Australia. Cases covered include the Hoddle Street killer, Julian Knight, the tragic murder of Kylie Maybury, and the terror cell formed by Muslim cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika.

In the third book in the best-selling series, Mugshots 3 takes the reader inside the sinister world of Australian crime and reveals the truth behind the stories that shocked a nation.

There have been gruesome murders, serial killings, terrorist plots, horrendous rapes and world record drug busts in Victoria during the 25 years since the Herald Sun was formed in 1990. Keith Moor has been an investigative journalist for almost 40 years — with more than 30 of them being with The Herald and the Herald Sun — and in Mugshots 3 he details 25 of some of the worst crimes committed in Victoria since the first copy of the Herald Sun rolled off the presses on October 8, 1990.

Keith Moor is Insight Editor of the Herald Sun. He studied journalism at the West Australian Institute of Technology before starting a cadetship with the Perth Daily News in 1979. Keith won Australia’s top journalism award, the Walkley Award for news reporting, in 1986. He won the coveted award for his coverage of the kidnap of two Victorian aid workers in Pakistan. Keith travelled into war-torn Afghanistan to find the couple. He became the Herald Sun’s first Chief of Staff when the paper was formed in 1990, later progressing to become its News Editor and then Managing Editor (News) in 1995. Keith is the head of the Herald Sun’s investigative unit, having been appointed Insight Editor in November 1996.