Dr Susie Allanson
Murder on His Mind
July 15, 2021

The Story of Australia's Abortion Clinic Murder

‘Allanson depicts with stark reality the perspectives of all involved, the killer, the right to lifers, and the people who need the clinic’s services to help them deal with the trauma and tribulations taking place in their own lives. Nobody could read this book and be unaffected.’ Dr Robert Moles

An act of terrorism against women that ended with the death of a man.

Murder on His Mind details the events of 16 July 2001 when security guard Steve Rogers was shot dead inside Melbourne’s Fertility Control Clinic. The Crown Prosecutor described the gunman as having gone to the clinic with ‘murder on his mind’. This new edition brings back into print one insider’s account of the crime that became known as Australia’s Abortion Clinic Murder. Dr Susie Allanson was the Clinic’s psychologist when the murder occurred and provides answers to the questions that fascinated the public about the case at the time and to this day. What really happened on that day? What went on in the mind of the gunman? How did the victims cope? What really goes on in an abortion-providing clinic? A riveting read for true crime buffs and for those concerned with their own or others’ reactions and recovery to traumatic events, women’s health rights and the usually secretive reproductive crises facing women and their families every day.

Susie Allanson B.A. (Hons. Psychology), M. A. (Clinical Psychology), PhD, was a clinical psychologist in Melbourne for almost forty years, and the clinical psychologist at the Fertility Control Clinic for twenty-six years. Susie’s clinical work also focused on children and families in settings such as the Royal Children’s Hospital, Children’s Court Clinic, schools and her private practice. She has served on the Board of Family Planning Victoria and various committees, been a supervisor and reviewer, and has spoken and written about pregnancy and abortion in various forums and in professional journals. Susie is the author of the novel Genevieve Knows Too Much and co-author with lawyer Lizzie O’Shea of Empowering Women: From Murder & Misogyny to High Court Victory.