Now That The Funeral is Over
August 1, 2017

Compact and common sense guide for grieving people

“Do not walk around the edge of your grief”, says Doris Zagdanski, in this common sense guide for grieving people.

Grief is often described as the ‘normal and natural’ response to loss. Yet, when it happens to us, we often feel like we’re going crazy and there’s nothing normal about our world right now. And so begins a time of change, re-organisation and adaptation. In this book, Doris describes the ups and downs of grief. There are no stages or phases to follow, just your ‘grief work’ to do. And as you turn each page, there is an inspirational thought to guide you along. Be reassured – your grief is what you say it is. They’re your feelings, your truth. It’s important that you know this because your loss and grief experiences eventually shape who you are.

They become a part of your life story. And if you know someone who’s grieving, learn why you don’t have to fix it or try to take their pain away. Find out the right response to anger, guilt or “why me?” This is a small book which is big on wisdom, strategies and helpful ideas.

About the Author: Doris Zagdanski has had the opportunity to meet hundreds of grieving people. She has volunteered her time as a Home Visitor to families in Victoria whose child died unexpectedly from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and is well known to many support groups for the bereaved. She has worked on the front line as a funeral director and is still employed in the funeral industry. For the past 30 years, her career has centred on grief education throughout Australia and overseas. She is the author of seven books on loss, grief and empathy and is a sought after conference speaker and trainer in her field – her message about grief is contemporary, educational, entertaining and real.