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Mark Latham

Curated collection of the best previously published articles from the former Labor Leader Mark Latham.

Articles about political correctness; feminism; Big Brother; Donald Trump; Brexit; the biggest problem with Islam; rise of the Outsiders; gender fluidity; a divided nation, and many more.

Mark Latham is the original Outsider, a politician who rose to the very top of his profession but refused to be cowed by political correctness and refused to bend his knee to the leftist fads of the day. Outsiders is a thoughtfully curated collection of Mark’s previously-published articles and thoughts on topics ranging from political correctness to Islam, Donald Trump and Brexit.

Not only a superb raconteur, Mark writes as he speaks — with honesty, extraordinary insights and above all a razor sharp wit and deep love for Australian larrikinism.

If you can’t get enough of having your virtue signalled, of having your politics determined by your identity, of saying the appropriate things to show how compassionate and caring you are, of being trigger warned about being offended by unsafe words and ideas, then avoid this book like a dose of the bubonic plague.

About the Author: Mark Latham served as the leader of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) from 2003 to 2005. He is a journalist and political commentator, and is the Number 1 read columnist for News Limited in NSW. He was co-host of the television show Outsiders until March 2017 and launched Mark Latham’s Outsiders in April 2017.