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Pauline: In Her Own Words

Pauline Hanson with Tom Ravlic






Apr 18




Pauline: In Her Own Words

Pauline Hanson with Tom Ravlic

A collection of Pauline Hanson's speeches documenting the key policy areas of concern to Pauline Hanson and One Nation including youth unemployment; indigenous affairs; the plight of farmers in regional Australia; citizenship; economic trends; health issues including Autism; Islam in Australia, and much more.

Pauline: In Her Own Words tracks the seminal speeches and contributions of one of Australia’s most provocative political figures. The book follows Pauline Hanson’s speeches through the years as she takes back the leadership of One Nation, articulates the policy positions designed to voice concerns of a portion of Australia’s population, and debates the hot issues of the day. It’s all here. Same sex marriage, struggling farmers and their banking woes, immigration, Islam, big companies and tax planning and the general fight for the little Aussie battler make an appearance. It is the only reference that matters if you want to better understand the ‘fish and chip shop lady’ outside of the media spin cycle.

Pauline Hanson was born in Brisbane in 1954. In 1994 Pauline entered politics for the first time and was elected as a councillor on the Ipswich City Council. In February 1996 she was dis-endorsed by the Liberal Party and she contested as an Independent, winning her seat with the biggest swing in the nation. In 1997, Hanson co-founded Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, a right-wing political party with a populist and conservative platform. Her election to Parliament gave her the title as the first Independent woman to hold a seat in the House of Representatives. She was forced to resign from the party in January 2002, because of internal party politic, however she rejoined the party in 2013 and became the leader and National Chairman in 2014. She is currently a Queensland Senator.

Tom Ravlic is an investigative journalist, author and academic with more than 22 years’ experience in reporting on and analysing politics and regulatory affairs. His expertise in corporate governance, accounting and audit has been recognised with two recent casual academic appointments. Tom has lectured and tutored in auditing and assurance at both Deakin University and the University of Melbourne.