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Phillip Adams Insights & Reflections

Phillip Adams










Phillip Adams Insights & Reflections

Phillip Adams

Phillip Adams, the occasionally controversial but undeniably prolific writer and broadcaster, has collected his favourite insights and reflections from previous columns and speeches in this generous volume spanning 2003 to the present day.

Adams’ social commentary has been a part of the Australian cultural landscape for decades, and here he dives into wide-ranging topics from the dying art of the circus to the threat of global warming.

This volume includes thoughts on: The notorious Melbourne underworld figure Billy ‘The Texan’ Longley, The War in Iraq, The power of the human brain, World leaders including Donald Trump and Malcolm Turnbull, The Queen and the Republic, The 2016 Census, and many more.

About the Author:

Phillip Adams AO FAHA has received a record-breaking six honorary doctorates from major universities. Elected as one of Australia’s official National Living Treasures in a poll conducted by the National Trust, he has received two Orders of Australia, was elected to the Media Hall of Fame and has won Australia’s highest awards in film, journalism, broadcasting and human rights. Described in the influential journal The Monthly as ‘perhaps the most remarkable broadcaster in the history of this country’ he has presented ABC’s Late Night Live for almost 30 years. As Australia’s longest running newspaper columnist he has contributed to most of Australia’s major newspapers and journals over the last 60 years and to the London Times, the Financial Times and the New York Times.