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Yoga Therapy

Lisa Foster










Yoga Therapy

Lisa Foster

Yoga sets out to unite the 3 levels of the human being: Spirit, Mind and Body into 1 healthy, graceful form — YOU!

If our minds are disturbed we never feel well. If our bodies are sick or diseased we often feel unwell and if the Spirit is not inspired we cannot be well. Yoga fixes it all; simply, efficiently and effectively.

People today often believe illness is to be expected, that pain is part of life and degeneration is part of aging. The body wants to heal itself. If you cut your finger, it heals. If you sprain your ankle, it heals. If you break your arm, it heals. So why do we fail to understand that the body as a whole can heal itself with the right approach?

Yoga Therapy is the book for all women to make you feel good, and sets out which exercises and simple diet tips you can apply to your life to become clearer, stronger and more pain-free every day; from revving up your attitude and energy to toning your bottom, perfecting your posture, the easy-way to weight loss, and sorting out your insomnia, moods, period pain and hot flushes for good.

This book will not only give you back your freedom of movement but also innate confidence in your power and ability to take care of yourself. The results are not temporary or superficial and with effort and persistence we can all live a pain-free life.


Lisa Foster has been teaching Ryoho Yoga and advocating natural alternatives to women’s health for more than 25 years. She runs the Ryoho Yoga Center and teacher training college in Chippendale, Sydney with renowned yoga teacher and shiatsu practitioner, Andzej Gospodarcyzk.

A former broadcast journalist, Lisa openly admits she lived an unhealthy, boozy and self-destructive lifestyle before following the yogic way. Her journey began when she looked for alternatives to hysterectomy as the cure to the endometriosis that had plagued her from the age of 11 until 29. Whilst GPs told her there was no other way and that she would never give birth, she continued to find another way and not only cured herself, but had a textbook pregnancy and childbirth at the age of 39. 

Now she shows the way to other women struggling to find a cure or just wanting to feel better. Manly Hospital and the NSW Nursing Mother’s Association have both called upon her for advice and to produce literature for their patients.