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Your Super Made Simple

Rod Myer










Your Super Made Simple

Rod Myer

Your Super Made Simple is an easy-to-understand guide to superannuation, with the latest facts, figures and options available. 

Superannuation is a $2.1 trillion Australian national asset owned by the nation’s 14.8 million super fund members who include workers, business people, investors and retirees. It is aimed at helping us live out our retirement years with some joy and dignity. But super is not a simple matter. It’s a complex web of tax and financial relationships that we all, at some point in our lives, will have to come to terms with.

Whether you retire with a few thousand dollars to help sweeten your years on the Age Pension or whether you have a $1 million plus fund that will afford you an affluent retirement: whether you are approaching retirement or just starting out in the workforce, you have to make decisions about superannuation. And the sooner you understand your options the better off you will be in the long term.

This book will help you navigate the Super maze to make the best decisions for you and your future.

About the Author:

Rod Myer is a writer on Business, Energy, Infrastructure and Sustainability and Superannuation. He is the YourSuper Editor at The New Daily, where he writes and edits daily content about superannuation.