The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness


A hilarious satirical guide to ‘woke’ ideology from The Babylon Bee—the hit ‘Fake News You Can Trust’ website and social media team with over 1 million followers! Already a US bestseller.      

The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness takes the term ‘woke’ to the next level. Cancel friends, break windows, burn it all to the ground!

Packed with illustrations, handy lists, step-by-step instructions and entertaining infographics on every social topic under the sun, The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness ticks all the boxes in humour, fun, and educational entertainment that will encourage everyone to ‘not take ourselves so freaking seriously’. 

‘The volume aims a flamethrower of satire at many of today’s hot-button social topics.'
— The Washington Times

‘The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness is an essential guide to help resist the PC infection and to keep sane.’
— Dr Kevin Donnelly, author How Political Correctness is Destroying Australia

‘I have long harboured a hitherto secret fantasy to become woke. But up until now I didn’t know how to… until I bought this book! Think of all the great new friends I’ll make on Twitter and at the ABC. Ita might even offer me a job! Thank you Babylon Bee for showing me the light!’
— Rowan Dean, Outsiders (Sky News), Australian Financial Review Weekend

Joel Berry is The Babylon Bee’s managing editor and a deadly warrior-monk with a shadowy past. Part philosophy-quoting home-school nerd, part Marine Corps veteran, Joel was found retired in a secluded cabin in the mountains after he swore off his old life and promised to never own a lib again. But Kyle Mann was getting a team together. He convinced Joel to come out of retirement for one final mission: to help run the world’s greatest satire site, which he’s been doing since 2016.

Kyle Mann is the editor in chief of The Babylon Bee. He was created in an orc-spawning pit beneath the tower Orthanc near the end of the Third Age. Saruman the Many-Colored drew upon all his dark powers to imbue Kyle with the ability to write satire of semi-acceptable quality from time to time, and also pillage many small villages in Gondor. Kyle oversees and approves all content posted to the site and writes a good bit of it himself.