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'This is an important resource for journalists, academics and anyone interested in what Pauline Hanson actually said on a range of issues. Whether you love or loathe Hanson, this is the best place to gain a better understanding of a polarising character.' David Speers, Sky News Australia

A collection of Pauline Hanson’s speeches documenting the key policy areas of concern to Pauline Hanson and One Nation including youth unemployment; indigenous affairs; the plight of farmers in regional Australia; citizenship; economic trends; health issues including Autism; Islam in Australia, and much more.

Pauline: In Her Own Words tracks the seminal speeches and contributions of one of Australia’s most provocative political figures. The book follows Pauline Hanson’s speeches through the years as she takes back the leadership of One Nation, articulates the policy positions designed to voice concerns of a portion of Australia’s population, and debates the hot issues of the day. It’s all here. Same sex marriage, struggling farmers and their banking woes, immigration, Islam, big companies and tax planning and the general fight for the little Aussie battler make an appearance. It is the only reference that matters if you want to better understand the ‘fish and chip shop lady’ outside of the media spin cycle.

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