3 Minute Workouts

Kusal Goonewardena


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ISBN: 9781925927832
Publish Date: 10/2/2022
Page Count: 208

High Intensity Fitness Fast!

Master fast and high intensity workouts that help you get healthier with minimal space, minimal time and no expensive equipment with 3 Minute Workouts. Gain a solid perspective on ‘less is more’, learn how changing intensities during workouts can bring about comprehensive and lasting results for the body and mind, and gain a deeper understanding of the strong connection between body, nutrition, the mind and the importance of recovery for performance.

The number one reason to not exercise is time. Our busy lifestyles push exercise down the priority list on a daily basis. Add to this our changing and increasingly sedentary lifestyles and we find that modern developments and technological advancements now pose a severe threat to our health.

In 3 Minute Workouts author and sports physiotherapist Kusal Goonewardena shows you how to not only get results fast but how you can help your body start craving exercise. His workouts give you a practical exercise program to follow that’s suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and helps you not only get moving but also improve your overall wellbeing and strengthen your mind-body connection. If faced with a shortage of time, loss of motivation or a lack of guidance, 3 Minute Workouts will help sustain you in pursuing fitness.

About the author:

Kusal Goonewardena has established a successful career in building three innovative sports medicine clinics in Melbourne. His passion is to provide the best solutions in the sports physiotherapy healthcare sector so that patients, athletes and clients continuously receive the most important aspect in health: Results. His passion is to lead practitioners so they live a life of service that is judged by expertise, results, service and education. Currently the head of Sports Medicine at Elite Akademy Sports Medicine at the University of Melbourne, he and his team have helped the university achieve a top 5 finish at the prestigious Australian University Games since 2008. He is a renowned speaker and has presented in Australia, Singapore, China, Japan and Sri Lanka. He is the author of Back Pain (2021).