Richard Shrapnel


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ISBN: 9781925927870
Publish Date: 21/07/22
Page Count: 160

Success is the fuel of life, but it does not come through chance. It’s earned through hard work.

Do you want to achieve goals in your life that you never thought possible? Achieve is the success and goal planner that will allow you to recognise and remove barriers and embrace the catalysts to success. It will change the way you think about success in an approach that empowers you and will reveal the secrets of the Achiever Trait—the DNA of highly successful people. Achieve not only provides the theory but also the roadmap as well as a personal workbook to help you craft your life of enduring success.

Achieve is for anyone who wants success and ongoing achievements in all aspects of their life by building the muscles—the traits and skills—that will allow them to be an achiever, a person who can set the right goals and deliver on them. 

About the author:

Richard Shrapnel has a passion for growing exceptional businesses and has spent his life understanding what makes some businesses great and others just ordinary. He understands strategy, growth, and competitiveness. He knows the theory and the practice, how to craft it and, more importantly, how to deliver it. As a strategist, his focus is on what creates success and understanding not only what makes businesses successful but also the people behind them. He is a writer, speaker, and advisor and he supports business leaders around the world to build great businesses of all shapes and sizes. Richard is the author of Going Broke Staying Sane (2021).