Chris McLeod, Ron Reed


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ISBN: 9781925927986
Publish Date: 28/2/2021
Page Count: 276

Arise, Queen of Oz

It doesn’t get any better than this. Ash Barty, the greatest Australian tennis player of the modern era, rewrote history by winning the 2022 Australian Open and becoming the first Australian woman to do so since 1978. The Barty Party has moved at an incredible speed since the laid-back Queenslander first broke through as a genuine world-beater by winning her first major tournament, the French Open, in May 2019, quickly followed by her ascension to the World No. 1 ranking, and then the most hallowed tournament of all on the lawns of London at Wimbledon in July 2021.

This book covers her journey from knockabout kid from Queensland to world champion and explores her rare gift for the game, engaging personality, innate modesty and relentless determination to be the best.

Barty’s mantra is that being a good human being is far more important than being a good tennis player, and it has been widely hailed as a lesson for all. In other words, she now transcends sport. Her unfolding, unfinished narrative has come to resonate with overtones of national pride and inspiration, community morale, cultural issues ancient and modern, the importance of family and friends, the regard for humility and grace over rampant ambition, the escalating battle for gender equality, and perspectives on fame and fortune.

About the author:

Ron Reed was one of Australia’s most experienced and acclaimed sports journalists, whose work over more than 50 years earned numerous awards, including Sport Australia’s Lifetime Achievement Award and Australian Sportswriter of the Year. He was twice Sports Editor of the Melbourne Herald evening paper, Editor of the old Sporting Globe, and Chief Sportswriter, columnist and feature writer for the Herald Sun, Australia’s biggest selling daily paper. He worked in more than 30 countries on every continent covering most of the world’s major sports events multiple times, including nine Olympic Games, seven Commonwealth Games, several editions of cycling’s Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia, numerous cricket tours, major tennis and golf tournaments, world championships in athletics, swimming, road and track cycling, triathlon, hockey and rowing as well as America’s Cup sailing, horse racing and all of the football codes. Chris McLeod is a former newspaper journalist and executive. He is an author and researcher for with an interest in sport, transport and mystery. His bookazines include World’s Best Golf Courses, World’s Best Trains, Elite Special Forces and Unsolved – terror crimes and accidents.