Best of Paul Harvey Footy Stars

Paul Harvey


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ISBN: 9781925642858
Publish Date: 01/06/19
Page Count: 160

30 Years of Caricature
Best of Paul Harvey Footy Stars celebrates a lifetime of immortalising the greats of AFL and VFL in caricature. A wide selection of Paul Harvey’s artwork is collected in this book including footy card, player caricatures, Brownlow Medal certificates and more.
For over 30 years Paul Harvey has caricatured hundreds of the greatest players to ever don a football boot. From Coventry and Dyer, Matthews and Ablett, Flower and Blight through to Hipwood and Tipungwuti, Harv has drawn them all in his own inimitable style. His caricatures have appeared on everything from book and magazine covers to framed milestone celebrations, emojis, toffee tins, micro-figures, t-shirts and stubby holders. This book is not only a celebration of our great game through the eyes of one of the country’s pre-eminent exponents of the art, but it continues a long tradition of art and football and the role of the caricaturist in furthering the rich history of the National Game.

About the author:

Paul (Harv) Harvey has that infuriating but awe-inspiring knack of being able to draw instantly recognisable caricatures of some of our greatest sports stars. To call him a caricaturist, however, is to sell him short because he adapts his style to suit the medium and the occasion, whether it’s illustrating children’s books, conducting corporate presentations, designing company logos or painstakingly creating Brownlow certificates. Harv doesn’t draw in some rarified vacuum. He has a vast knowledge of football history, and he understands and acknowledges the debt of those great cartoonists who came before him.