Cancer Treatment Breakthroughs

Jackey Coyle, Tim Ladhams


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ISBN: 9781925927825
Publish Date: 03/02/22
Page Count: 280

Milestones, lessons and inspiration for patients, family and survivors

Cancer is the world’s biggest health problem, manifesting at an ever-increasing rate, and alongside the human cost is an enormous economic impact. With so much information available this detailed guide demystifies cancer treatment and highlights the rate of progress the scientific and medical communities are making in their understanding of cancer and, therefore, how best to treat it.

Cancer Treatment Breakthroughs gives the reader an overview of the disease—how and why people develop cancer—and how treatment has evolved throughout history. It covers recent treatment breakthroughs including early diagnosis and testing through to surgical techniques, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, combination treatments, personalised medicine, clinical trials, and psychosocial oncology. Each chapter contains a detailed case study that shares someone’s experience with that treatment, as well as interviews with internationally recognised experts in their fields.

About the author:

Tim Ladhams is the editor of Inside Small Business and is responsible for all the publication’s online content and its quarterly magazine. He turned to journalism after a long career—including management roles—in hospitality, insurance and credit management. Born and brought up in the United Kingdom, Tim moved to Australia in 2008 and recently moved from Melbourne to the Grampians in regional Victoria. He was driven to researching the themes in this book after losing his father to cancer soon after coming to Australia. Jackey Coyle is obsessed by stories, whether to do with history, medicine, science, wellbeing, travel or music. She is a writer, researcher and broadcaster who has earned a master’s (writing and literature). Her fiction and nonfiction feature in books, magazines, anthologies and journals, including health and wellbeing since 2001. With her mother a nurse and her father a physicist, Jackey has been immersed in medicine and science from her earliest memories. She began to investigate cancer when her younger sister died within 11 months of diagnosis. As she listened to more and more family and friends’ stories of their cancer journeys, she thought about how body and mind interact throughout illness, recovery and survivorship. Jackey is the author of In the End: A practical guide to dying.