Tom Ravlic


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ISBN: 9781925927962
Publish Date: 20/6/22
Page Count: 208

The glitz and glamour of casinos across the world is legendary, and Australia’s Crown Casino complexes are no exception.

An extensive gaming floor that is surrounded by retail outlets, food courts, accommodation and entertainment venues is the place where people come out to play. Behind the blinding lights, clinking glasses, pursuit of a winning hand or the elusive jackpot is a darker reality that lurks in the shadows about the conduct of the casino businesses like Crown across multiple jurisdictions.

From sacrificing staff on the altar of profit to money laundering and breaching of gaming laws, media and government inquiries have exposed links to organised crime and the company dodged payments of gaming taxes that added further to the company’s internal and public woes.

Investigative journalist Tom Ravlic takes a forensic look at Crown’s ills though a detailed examination of evidence presented in government reports and to commissions and inquiries. He explains how things went so wrong and explores whether there are ways of getting a fair share of the spoils from casino operations into the hands of players and the broader community.

About the author:

Tom Ravlic FIPA has looked at complex issues in business, finance and politics for a range of publications for almost three decades. He has written extensively on corporate governance, financial crime, scams and rorts as well as national security matters. Previous books authored by Tom include Vulture City, a look at the banking royal commission presided over by Kenneth Hayne, and Rorts and Rip-Offs, a consumer-friendly guide for people wishing to dodge the perils of investment, online and other scams.