Do Bears Who Eat Blueberries Go Bananas?

Deirdre Brandner, Jennifer Whelan


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ISBN: 9781922810021
Publish Date: 20/9/22
Page Count: 32

Bear loves eating blueberries and reading. But one day he reads something that makes him feel worried…


This sticky thought follows Bear everywhere but his friend Kookaburra has a plan…

Join Bear as he encounters the same everyday situations, troubles and emotions children do and learns how to cope with and overcome them.

With Jennifer Whelan’s whimsical illustrations and Deirdre Brandner’s practical toolkit resource, Do Bears Who Eat Blueberries Go Bananas? is a fun and uniquely engaging adventure. 

About the author:

Deirdre Brandner is a Psychologist with over 30 years’ experience supporting children of all ages. Deirdre provides evidence-based techniques in Bear’s Toolkit that will help young readers recognise their worries and use the calming tools to manage fear and overthinking. Her passion for books has led her to know that the magic of Bear can guide every reader through the trickiest of times. 

Jennifer Whelan is a Melbourne based writer and illustrator. She started her creative career as a visual conceptualiser and moved into the retail and corporate advertising sector. She started writing and illustrating children’s books in 2004 and has developed an array of characters including worried bears, boastful skinks and Goosey Gulls. She happily balances her creative pursuits with work as a Human Rights Advocate. She is passionate about sharing an ethical, sustainable and accessible environment for future generations including all the worried bears of the world.