Double Trouble

Geoff Wilkinson, Ross Brundrett


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ISBN: 9781925642889
Publish Date: 01/04/19
Page Count: 288

The After Dark Bandits

Double Trouble chronicles the journey of Peter and Doug Morgan and their notorious dad who taught them how to build houses and steal stuff. So many twists and turns along the way, including the startling revelation that the only time the identical twins ever got along was when they were doing holdups.

It was a crime spree like no other. One of the great double acts in Australian criminal history led police on a merry chase for more than two years. And all the time police thought they were chasing one man. There were two, maybe three stickups a month but only in the colder months. Country TABs and banks were always hit near closing time with the After Dark Bandit then disappearing into the bush. No clues, no leads, no hope. It wasn’t until the gig was up – thanks to the unflinching bravery of a couple of old-school country coppers (one who almost died) that police discovered that the After Dark Bandit was both public enemy no.1 and no.2! This is the true story of Peter and Doug Morgan and their stranger than fiction crimes.

About the author:

Geoff Wilkinson retired from daily journalism after 43 years in the media, working in newspapers, television and as founding Media Director of Victoria Police. While working for the police between 1981-89 he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship, and in 1987 established Australia’s first Crime Stoppers program. He was a board member of Crime Stoppers Victoria for 18 years, is a life member of Crime Stoppers Victoria and was also a foundation member of the Blue Ribbon Day Council. In 2008, he was awarded an Order Of Australia medal for community service. Shortly after his retirement from full-time journalism in 2012 he was appointed to the board of Victoria’s Sentencing Advisory Council, a position he held for the next six years. In September 2014, he was appointed a community member of the Adult Parole Board, and was reappointed for another three-year term in 2018. He is the co-author of Mugshots 1. Ross Brundrett is a journalist of more than 40 years standing (although for journos, it’s mostly sitting) and honed his craft in the western suburbs of Melbourne at The Footscray Mail and Western Times before going on to work as a sub-editor at The Herald, then as a senior reporter, feature writer and columnist for newspapers such as the Sunday Press, The Sun and, for almost 25 years, the Herald Sun, where he shared a Quill award with wife Robyn Riley for their He Said, She Said column which ran for seven years. He still writes a regular column in the Weekend section of the Saturday Herald Sun and has also written a year book for his beloved Western Bulldogs and contributed a chapter to the coffee table book, The Story Of The Melbourne Cup.