How Political Correctness is Still Destroying Australia

Dr Kevin Donnelly


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ISBN: 9781925927313
Publish Date: 21/08/20
Page Count: 256

How Political Correctness is Still Destroying Australia

A powerful, thoughtful response to the threat posed by the cultural-left to Western civilisation. This book explores the continued rise of political correctness in Australia including in depth exploration of issues including refugees, global warming, same sex marriage, multiculturalism, religion, sexuality and gender agenda, and more.

The Political Correctness movement has become an increasingly global phenomenon impacting on how we think, the language we use and how we interact with family, friends and work colleagues.

Following the success of How Political Correctness is Destroying Australia Dr Kevin Donnelly compiles he latest articles in this follow up to explore how political correctness is still destroying Australia. History tells us that totalitarian regimes whether communist or fascist are able to gain and maintain power by denying free speech and freedom of thought. While Western societies like Australia have not yet reached the same level of indoctrination and control it’s obvious that political correctness represents a clear and present danger and that it must be opposed if the liberties and freedoms we take for granted are to prevail.

This second volume explores the issues that are threatening Australia’s cultural heritage and way of life, from global warming to sex and gender identity, refugees and multiculturalism, and more.

About the author:

Dr Kevin Donnelly is one of Australia’s leading conservative commentators and authors committed to defending the strengths and benefits of Western civilisation and our Judeo-Christian heritage that are being undermined by the cultural-left’s political correctness movement. Over the last 30 years opinion pieces have been published in all of Australia’s mainstream print and digital media, including: The Australian, The Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Newsweekly, The Catholic Weekly, Spectator Australia, Quadrant Online, the ABC’s The Drum, the Conversation and On Line Opinion. Previous publications include: A Politically Correct Dictionary and Guide, How Political Correctness Is Destroying Australia, How Political Correctness Is Destroying Education, The Culture of Freedom, Why our schools are failing, Dumbing Down, Australia’s Education Revolution, Educating your child: it’s not rocket science and Taming the black dog. Kevin is a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Catholic University and in the 2016 Queen’s Birthday Honours List he was appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia for services to education.