Isla’s Song

Darren Mort


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ISBN: 9781922810793
Publish Date: 5/07/23
Page Count: 330

Melbourne, Australia, 1955. A four-year old child, Isla, is seated at a piano. She digs out her scrunched sheet music from her school bag, flattens it out and places it before her. She looks about an unfamiliar room, where windows frame the wild unforgiving landscape of the Orkney Islands, before resting her tiny fingers on the old upright keyboard.

Little did Isla or her father know of her mother ’s secret to abduct Isla from her home, her friends, family and everything that made her feel loved and secure.

Isla’s Song, set in the heady folk music days of the 60s, is a story of choices, betrayal, love, stardom, eternal hopes and a child’s love.

From one act of kidnapping, a little girl reveals to us how the gift of music and a commitment to manifest can really make dreams come true.

About the author:

Darren Mort is an expert on family law, divorce and separation, having specialised in this area of law as a Barrister for over 30 years, having been awarded Barrister of the Year in 2022 at the Australian Law Awards. He is also a professional actor and producer. His recent short film, Degree of Separation, a story about family violence, won multiple international awards, opening the Beverley Hills Film Festival at the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles in 2016 with a Best Short Film nomination. He is the director of To Be Loved Network – a charitable foundation which produces resources advancing the best interests of children navigating conflict in parental separation and divorce ( Isla's Song is his debut novel.