Bettina Arndt


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ISBN: 9781925642650
Publish Date: 1/12/18
Page Count: 384

#MenToo is the collected wisdom from decades of Bettina Arndt’s passionate advocacy for men and boys. Her powerful writing about sometimes controversial topics makes this a must-read for anyone interested in the issues facing men in Australia today.

Bettina Arndt is a rare public voice speaking on behalf of men – and the women who love them. This respected social commentator is renowned for tackling unmentionable topics. A former clinical psychologist and one of Australia’s first sex therapist, she first became well-known for breaking down taboos about talking about sex. Now it is men’s lives we aren’t allowed to speak about – the very real problems confronting men and boys in our male-bashing society. #MenToo breaks the silence about what it means to be a man in Australia today. For decades Bettina has been telling it how it is. She writes about sex-starved husbands, the politics of cleavage, fathers losing contact with children after divorce, false domestic violence allegations, men’s soaring suicide rates, the scary grip of feminism.

About the author:

Bettina Arndt trained as a clinical psychologist before becoming well known as one of Australia’s first sex therapists. She then became a respected social commentator appearing regularly on television and radio and writing about gender issues. She’s now making YouTube videos campaigning to end the demonisation of men. She is the author of The Sex Diaries (2009) and What Men Want in Bed (2012).