My Wednesdays

Saurabh Mishra


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ISBN: 9781925927115
Publish Date: 1/010/19
Page Count: 176

How can one day a week change your life?

My Wednesdays is an uplifting exploration of Hindu faith, entrepreneurialism, and what one man learns can be given and gained by devoting one day a week to others. Wednesdays are Saurabh Mishra’s ‘Circle Days’, a day spent in a very deliberate manner. Every Wednesday Saurabh meditates and practices Hindustani classical vocal music – a serene, meditative art form. He also gives his time as a volunteer for a palliative care organisation that provides holistic care for people with terminal illnesses.

My Wednesdays combines stories of Saurabh’s time with these people, along with Hindu teachings, lessons he has learnt as a successful entrepreneur and from his own life, and inspirational ideas on how to live and even on how to die.

In Australia’s answer to Tuesdays with Morrie, Saurabh reveals how spending one day a week recharging your mind and body and doing things to help other people deepens our own sense of gratitude for the precious gift that is a human life.

About the author:

Saurabh Mishra wears many identities with disarming ease – a serial entrepreneur who has started, successfully grown, and sold three business ventures and is actively involved with yet more global business and also social ventures. A volunteer who has for over a decade, spent his Wednesdays giving company to people in palliative care as well as in long hours of silent meditation. An Indian classical vocalist, an engaging raconteur, a loving husband, caring father, son, brother and friend. And yet, underneath all that is a unifying whole – an individual with a keen awareness of himself as an infinitesimal expression of the divine, blissful cosmic consciousness.