Overture Of Hope

Isabel Vincent


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ISBN: 9781922810151
Publish Date: 13/9/22
Page Count: 272

Bear loves eating blueberries and reading. But one day he reads something that makes him feel worried…


This sticky thought follows Bear everywhere but his friend Kookaburra has a plan…

Join Bear as he encounters the same everyday situations, troubles and emotions children do and learns how to cope with and overcome them.

With Jennifer Whelan’s whimsical illustrations and Deirdre Brandner’s practical toolkit resource, Do Bears Who Eat Blueberries Go Bananas? is a fun and uniquely engaging adventure. 

About the author:

Isabel Vincent is an award-winning investigative journalist for The New York Post and the author of nationally best-selling memoir Dinner with Edward, as well as Gilded Lily: Lily Safra, The Making of One of the World’s Wealthiest Widows, sex trafficking exposé Body and Souls, and See No Evil, an investigation into Latin America’s biggest kidnapping cases. Her book Hitler’s Silent Partners, an account of the Swiss bank accounts left dormant after the Nazi era, won the Yad Vashem Award for Holocaust History. Vincent grew up in Canada. She began as a foreign correspondent in South America covering drug cartels, and later the conflicts in Kosovo and war in Angola. For many years Vincent has reported on New York City madness, mayhem, and corruption for the Post and a host of other publications.