Radical Lies

Steven Sculli


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ISBN: 9781922810038
Publish Date: 7/7/22
Page Count: 384

Ishmael is ready to die for his religion. For the past six years, he has been indoctrinated into a world of radical lies that demand bloodshed and hatred to demonstrate his faith. His mission is to destroy the water supply to Los Angeles.

His lifelong friend in death, Canaan, is also ready to die, but not for a religion hijacked by insane men. He is using the Global Azad Front for his own personal vendetta against Rev. Jonathon Duvall, an American fundamentalist who abused him at a Christian mission school in India.

The charming, mischievous, and patriotic Rosasharn has always been ready to die for America, but will her country let her live as she wilfully gets entangled in a terrorist conspiracy in an attempt to stop the impending disaster?

  Radical Lies is a thriller about a terrorist whose day of reckoning is at hand. However, his uncanny encounter with a rather fascinating and determined girl, shifts him off course as he soon realises his plans are in jeopardy. Somehow though, he is not resisting. With her innocent, and yet spirited ways, will she deradicalise this man who is undoubtedly convinced that he knows his destiny? 

About the author:

Steven Sculli is a first generation Australian, his parents having immigrated to Australia in the 1950s from southern Italy. Leaving school at the age of eighteen, he worked for several years in the advertising industry as a copywriter and production assistant in the art department. Unsatisfied, Steven later followed in the footsteps of his father, driving taxis throughout Melbourne. Radical Lies is his first novel.