Spider Wars

Ron Manners


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ISBN: 9781922810236
Publish Date: 23/02/2024
Page Count: 32

Spider Wars is West Side Story meets Star Wars and has A Bug’s Life.

The Wolf Spiders and the Peacock Spiders live on different sides of the Paddock. But they all believe the other side is better. Spider gangs are forever fighting over Middle Ground Hill, the only way to the other side. Until…

A dazzling Peacock Spider falls for an oh-so-pretty Wolf Spider, but they are banned from seeing each other. And when brave Sparklemuffin risks all to rescue Wolf Mother, the sweethearts discover that life on other side might not be so good after all.

This humorous, action-packed tale comes with a twist and includes a fact-filled information section on garden Wolf Spiders and the tiny dancing Peacock Spiders.

About the author:


Dr Gina M Newton is a multi-award-winning children’s book author and passionate about the conservation of Australia’s wildlife. She trained as a marine biologist, zoologist, and science communicator. Her first picture book (fiction) has sold over 150,000 copies and her first information book for children won the CBCA Eve Pownall award, with her second short-listed. A graduate of Master Classes with renowned authors Fiona McIntosh and the late, great Bryce Courtney, Gina lives in Canberra with her two young adult children and many pets.


A keen reader from an early age, Nandina Vines, wrote, illustrated and constructed her first picture book at the age of 8 years old. Her creative flare led her to work as a colourist with the Hannah Barbera Production Company and later, a career in graphic design. In recent years, Nandina changed her career direction to follow her lifelong dream of becoming an illustrator of children’s picture books and has illustrated over ten different picture books for self-published authors. Nandina is passionate about animals, nature and conservation. Nandina is not afraid of spiders and uses the catch-and-release method if a spider happens to stray indoors!