The Colt with No Regrets

Elliot Hannay


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ISBN: 9781925927139
Publish Date: 28/05/21
Page Count: 304

Hard copy, hot metal and the power of the written word.

A highly amusing memoir about Elliot Hannay’s career in the Golden Age of Australian journalism, the stories he covered, people he met, and lessons he learned that include something for everyone but especially for journalists interested in their craft and the big social and political issues that drive it.

The Colt with No Regrets is a memoir about the Golden Age of Australian journalism and is a timeless story about growing up. It’s the personal journey of Elliot Hannay, who started as a 16-year-old boy working in a country town, when reporters worked with hard copy and hot metal and tough old editors taught cadets their craft with a mixture of instruction and reprimand.

The book follows Elliot’s career in newspapers, spanning decades and covering politics, racism, murder and more. It’s also about finding love and sharing life with an amazing partner; and a growing friendship with an eccentric gay Englishman who found sanctuary among hard-nosed, cynical journalists and tough war-veteran printers, in an era when intolerance was far more common than inclusion.

The people are real, the events did happen, and the dialogue and detail are as honest as unreliable memories can recreate.

About the author:

Elliott Hannay is an author and veteran journalist. His career started in 1958 at the age of sixteen and he worked in newspapers, ABC radio and television, media consultancy and the public service for 60 years. He was selected by The Australia China Council and the Department of Foreign Affairs as one of six Australian journalists to tour the People’s Republic of China. During his career, Elliot was targeted by Australian Ku Klux Klansmen, threatened by corrupt senior police officers in pre-Fitzgerald Queensland and faced a $3million writ when he exposed the secret financial dealings of King Cross underworld figure, Abe Saffron. He lives on the Atherton Tablelands with his novelist wife Barbara.