The New Organic Revolution

Dr John Tickell


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ISBN: 9781925927665
Publish Date: 12/7/22
Page Count: 160

Organic or non-organic? Why do we keep messing around with the foods that nature has provided for us? Does it make sense to spray foods with toxic poison when we can grow nutritious and healthy foods without them? Do we realise what we could be doing to ourselves and our children?

In The New Organic Revolution, Dr John Tickell uncovers what’s happening to our food in the ‘modern’ world of commercial nutrition. He’s visited over 100 countries and studied the habits of the longest living, healthiest people on Earth. He discovered they have never heard of man-made pesticides, growth hormones, genetically manipulated seeds and organisms, and have never fed their animals with dangerous doses of antibiotics, which accumulate in human bodies.

The overload of conflicting information about diet and nutrition in our world is leading us to ‘take sides’ and put our and our family’s safety at risk.

Which side are you on? Who do you believe?

Life comes down to a series of choices and Dr John Tickell can help you choose safer and healthier ways. This authoritative book will help you discern the truth about organic and non-organic food, the safest choice for you and your family, and how to nurture your body with nature. 

About the author:

Dr John Tickell is a Medical Doctor, an International researcher, presenter and author who has spent several decades travelling and studying the health, wellbeing and longevity patterns of people around the world, in more than 100 countries. The Good Doctor and family man, with his wife Sue, has multiple children and grand children, and has works published in several languages. He applies his own powerful formula of Activity, Coping and Coping skills, which draw on his medical experience, extensive international research and the lifestyle patterns of the longest living, healthiest people on earth—the Okinawans, off the southern end of Japan. As a 10-year brain cancer survivor, Dr John underlines these ACE skill principles for life, and shares them with those seeking long term immunity and wellness. He is the author of Your Best Immunity.