Understanding Wills and Estate Planning

Rod Cunich


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ISBN: 9781925642681
Publish Date: 01/07/19
Page Count: 128

Important things to consider when planning for the future

An easy to navigate guide to wills and estate planning for all ages and wealth levels. Updated with new information in 2019.

Everybody needs a will, a Power of Attorney and other essential planning documents. Many of us expect to live to a ripe old age but the reality is we could lose our mental capacity or pass away at any time. So it’s important to start planning before it’s too late! This book explains in simple terms the processes and procedures needed to prepare an effective Will and other estate planning documents. It’s designed to help you learn and to think about issues everyone should have some knowledge about. Often these issues are presented in a complex array of legal jargon that only lead to confusion. This book will solve that complexity problem.

About the author:

Rod Cunich is a lawyer with four decades of experience assisting individuals and businesses with a broad range of legal and commercial issues. With a background in company, trust and insolvency law, Rod is especially interested in helping people with personal and business succession planning, where clear communication, practical skills and life experience are as critical as legal knowledge. Rod regularly speaks at national and international conferences for law professionals and members of the public interested in legal topics.