Your Best Gut

Dr Paul Froomes


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ISBN: 9781925927948
Publish Date: 18/05/22
Page Count: 272

How important is your gut to overall health? What do probiotics do? What happens when gut bacteria go wrong? Are you really what you eat? Dr Paul Froomes tells you everything you need to know about the gut and gut microbiome in Your Best Gut, a thorough and at times amusing look at how to fix your gut for overall health and wellbeing.

Whether we like it or not, we are all obsessed with our bowels. And for good reason, nature and evolution have conspired against us by hard wiring our gut microbes and gut nerves to our brain. They form part of our psyche and our vernacular ‘Go with your gut feeling on this!’ Right?

Your Best Gut delves masterfully into the fascinating phenomenon that is gut microbiome and how this new living organ is intimately linked to everything from obesity to inflammatory bowel disease to multiple sclerosis to depression.

Written by a gastroenterologist currently working with cutting-edge gut microbiome therapies and faecal transplants, Your Best Gut brings a unique perspective to this popular global phenomenon. Punctuated with real-life experiences of faecal transplant patients, this book takes a serious but sometimes amusing look at the gut microbiome, its role in disease, and gives a revolutionary insight into how to bring your gut microbes and you back to health. 

About the author:

Dr Paul Froomes is a Melbourne-based consultant physician and gastroenterologist who aims to provide the best in health care for all problems related to the gastrointestinal tract and the liver. Dr Froomes’ specialty is in diagnosing and managing disorder related to imbalances in the microbial structure of the gut microbiome.