Your Mess Has A Message

Arun Dhir


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ISBN: 9781922810823
Publish Date: 1/5/23
Page Count: 168

How do we then make sense of the chaos and mess that follows? How can we give a meaning to the suffering that we find ourselves in? How can we shift and find a way to accept our pain such that we can learn and grow out of it?

This is what Dr Arun Dhir’s latest book Your Mess has a Message is all about. Borne out of a phase of his personal adversity, the book has been crafted in seven chapters, each representing the seven facets of a fulfilled life.

Research into human evolution indicates that we all face some form of adversity in our lives. Estimates are that an average individual is likely to face up to three significant adverse events relating to health, relationship or financial loss and 7-9 smaller adverse events like minor accident, injury, theft, bullying.

Regardless of where you live and what you do, these events can change the trajectory of your life… mostly for the worse!

Your Mess has a Message is a practical guide to address crises in what Dr Arun believes are the 7 facets of a fulfilled life: physical and mental health, relationships, finances, work, spirituality and legacy.

About the author:

Dr Arun Dhir is a Surgeon, University Lecturer, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and an Australian Army Officer. He writes with authenticity and integrity, bringing practical wisdom from the depth and breadth of his experience. Dr Arun makes regular media appearances, is an engaging and an authentic speaker and has delivered talks on building resilience, leadership and handling adversity. Dr Arun’s previous published works include Happy Gut, Healthy Weight and Creating a New You – Health Journal.