The best eating tips from the Okinawan Islands

by Dr John Tickell

The two best eating tips I’ve ever come across are from the Okinawan Islands, off the southern end of Japan where the longest living, healthiest people on earth live.  

‘Nuchi Gusui’: May your food and your lifestyle heal. 

Consider whether your fried chicken and chips are healing of hurting your immune system. Consider whether your third soft drink/soda this week, with 10 teaspoons of added sugar, is healing or hurting your immune system. 

‘Hara Hachi Bu’: Eat until you’re eight tenths full (8/10) 

How do you know when you’re eight tenths full? You eat more slowly! Enjoy your food, don’t just shovel it in (there is a 15-minute delay between swallowing food and your brain registering fullness of stomach). 

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Dr John Tickell 

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