Tony Mott

For 40 years, Tony Mott has been the musician’s photographer, having been asked to photograph some of the biggest performances of our times.

Tony was born in England in 1956. After training as a chef, he traveled the world, working as a c hef in Sydney and then on international cruise ships, sailing to over 60 countries. It was on those cruise ships that his desire to capture amazing plac es and people was borne. Back in Sydney’s thriving live music scene in the early 1980s he honed his cra ft, taking photos of the Divinyls. This launched a career spanning decades taking photos of some of the biggest names in music, both on and off the stage.

Tony’s photographs have been published in magazines, newspapers and used as album covers. He has published more than 30,000 photos in 20 countries, including 900 magazine front covers.

Books by Tony Mott

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