Low Rates High Returns

Pete Wargent, Stephen Moriarty


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ISBN: 9781925927269
Publish Date: 08/07/20
Page Count: 208

Timeless Investment Principles The Low Risk Way
Low Rates High Returns grew from the idea that investing is simple, but not easy. The aim of the book is to make the difficult part as easy as possible! When starting to take an interest in investing it’s hard to know where to start and who to trust. This book, written by two investing experts, is an easy to follow guide to understanding how the stock market works and how you can invest in it following 8 timeless principles.
Low Rates High Returns breaks down the complex world of investing and shows that with an understanding of a few crucial concepts you can gain a good understanding of how the stock market works and, more importantly, how you can safely increase your wealth from investing in shares. [New Para] Authors Pete Wargent and Stephen Moriarty believe that anyone can be a successful investor. Their book provides a sensible, low-risk strategy for generating passive income in the markets following 8 timeless principles they cover in detail including systematic investing, the risk hierarchy, asset allocation, diversification, and rebalancing.
Low Risk High Returns also explores why you should manage your own money and the different market cycles, and provides further recommended reading, a glossary of key terms and more to start you on the road to investing successfully today.

About the author:

Pete Wargent is a finance and investment expert, and the co-founder of AllenWargent property buyers with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, and London. By profession Pete trained as a Chartered Accountant in London. Having worked for top accounting institutions and listed companies he holds a range of other top financial qualifications including being a Chartered Secretary, and holding Diplomas in Financial Planning and Applied Corporate Governance. Pete quit his full-time job at the age of 33 having achieved financial freedom through investing in shares, index funds and investment properties. He is the author of The Wealth Way and The Wealth Way for the Young. Stephen Moriarty has a Master of Applied Finance. Steve is not just a theorist, however, and he has been a full-time investor in the markets for more than 15 years. A widely read investor, Steve developed his unique 8 timeless principles investment approach over more than a decade and a half in the markets. Steve lives in Brisbane, Australia.